Friday, April 1, 2011

Skating Updates

  Shawn Sawyer has announced his retirement from competition. He will be missed. Shawn does plan to keep skating in shows though, so keep an eye out for shows in your area, just in case. ;) 

 Adam Rippon has left Brian Orser and will train with Ghislain Briand, whom has been a part of his coaching team for a couple of years. Adam will continue training at the Cricket Club in Toronto.

An article on Sean Rabbitt's love for Japan and him organizing Skaters Care.
The Gardena Spring Trophy has begun. Here's an article on the U.S. team participating.

Universal Sports chatted with Tanith Belbin on Skype.

Peter Oppegard has joined Yu-Na Kim in Korea to continue her training for Worlds.

P.S. None of the news from today are April Fool's jokes, as far as I know. If any are, I'll update this and remove it or make a note about it, haha. I might add more articles if more come in today, so please check back for updates!

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