Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Skating updates

It appears that Johnny Weir is making more serious attempts to get his jumps back, after losing some of them due to lack of training following the Olympics.

Triple Axel and triple Axel-triple toe (cheated triple toe)

The axels look clean to me =)!I'm so glad to see that's he's buckled down enough to get his triple axel back. Seeing him do double and triple toes in All That Skate LA was really disheartening. Of course, by no means do I think this means that Johnny is going to compete again, but it'd be great for him to have his normal triples for shows at least.

Also, it appears there are two open slots in the men's competition for Trophee Eric Bompard next week, due to withdrawals by Michal Brezina and Sergei Voronov. Still no word on who will be replacing them, but it seems a recent Grand Prix bronze medalist is certainly willing to go if asked. ;)

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