Wednesday, January 5, 2011

30 Days of Skating - Day 23: Skater Everybody Loves But You Don’t

 Miss Alissa Czisny.

While Alissa's skating has some really wonderful qualities, she doesn't really do as much for me as she seems to for many other skating fans. I'm glad that she has worked on her jump technique and everything, but I still don't find them aesthetically pleasing or particularly well done. Kudos to her on her Grand Prix Final win, and while it's good to see someone who is reportedly such a nice person win, I wasn't really impressed by either of her programs there; she stood up on the jumps, which is better than usual for her, but simply avoiding falling (and fallouts, save for that double axel) doesn't make a great skate to me. Also, for as much as her artistry is complimented, it doesn't stand out or really get me invested in the performance. Maybe it's just not my taste, or maybe I just hold the ladies to a high standard artistically because of  growing up watching Michelle Kwan, but either way, it doesn't really impress me much.

In all fairness though, Alissa is a fantastic spinner, has nice spirals, and is obviously a beautiful girl - but her skating is just not for me.

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