Saturday, January 29, 2011

U.S. Nationals: Men's Short Program

That was certainly a mixed evening for my favorite skaters, but let's get started, shall we? 

Keegan Messing: Skated to Robin Hood. A little scratchy on the triple axel, but his triple lutz-triple toe covered a TON of ice. I was stunned. Triple flip was solid too. All of his spins were really, really good and he did a nice split jump preceding the last one.  I thought he was great, it certainly was more than I expected. While waiting for his scores he said, " It doesn't really matter, I had fun." 37.61 TE 32.18 PCS = 69.79 (4th)

Adam Rippon: Sigh. Poor Adam. Stepped out of the triple axel at the beginning, which they dinged him really hard for, then the triple flip-triple toe was fine, and a surprise fall on his Rippon triple lutz. The spins and footwork were all fine, but either there wasn't a lot of emotion in the program tonight or I was too busy spazzing out over his fall to notice it. He was really disappointed. I pray he skates better than this on Sunday.
32.76 TE 34.56 PCS -1.00 = 66.26 (9th)

Brandon Mroz: Opening quad toe was a little wonky, so he did a double toe instead of a triple on the end of it, and he had to hold the triple axel, but the triple lutz was fine. Death drop was slow as sin and I didn't like one of the variations on his camel spin, though the basic position was fine. Footwork fine, as with most of the field, it wasn't particularly interesting. Again, I appreciate that he IS trying to get his artistry up to snuff, but while he does have some facial expression at times, it doesn't really do anything for me. Just not my favorite skater, but at least he stood up and rotated. 37.96 TE 33.65 PCS = 71.61 (3rd)

Jonathan Cassar: His music was Tango de Roxanne. Triple lutz attempt was titled in the air and ended up as more of a 2 1/2 lutz, resulting in a fall. Double axel was pretty and his triple loop-double toe was fine. Spins were all good and one had a nice catchfoot variation. He really sold his footwork sequence and ended with a nice spin. If he wants to contend though, he needs more difficulty. 24.84 TE 32.14 PCS -1.00 = 55.98 (17th) * Jonathan's necklace popped off at some point while he was skating, causing a ten minute delay while flower sweepers inspected the ice for it. Frank Carroll stood in front of Jonathan and covered him with his warm up jacket so he could search for the necklace in his costume. You just can't make these things up, haha. Parker Pennington eventually found it while he and his group were warming up.  

Jeremy Abbott: His basics really are fantastic. Triple flip-triple toe was nice and the triple axel was good, but the triple lutz was just a bit wonky; he had to work for it. Spins went from alright to pretty dang good, and his footwork was sharp. I liked the performance quality of this program more than I have previously. 38.57 TE 39.82 PCS = 78.39 (2nd)

Wesley Campbell: Triple lutz-double toe was a little tough, with a lean on the former, and he turned out of his triple axel. He finished up his jumping passes with a nice triple flip. His spins were on the slow side, but I really loved his upright variation on the combination spin. The footwork felt like it went it for ages, and he skated slowly in general. 32.07 TE 27.28 PCS = 59.35 (14th)

Jason Brown: Capable of a triple axel but only went for a double for security, but it was done well enogh. Triple lutz-triple toe was pretty and his triple flip was alright. I didn't like the variations on his flying camel but his sit change sit and combo spin had good speed. I liked the use of his arms in the choreography. Some of his jumps were nice and he was fun to watch, but you can still see some juniorish characteristics to his skating. He has time yet though. 33.71 TE 30.61 PCS = 64.32 (11th)

Douglas Razzano: Triple axel and quad toe were both good, as well as the triple toe-triple toe, though I'm still pondering why exactly he chose such a simple combination. His final spin was good too, but he skated really slowly in general and without much spark. The only excitement in the program was the jumps.  Coach wasn't happy with the components scores, but I thought they were fair. 40.72 TE 28.89 PCS = 69.61 (5th)

Parker Pennington: Parker choreographed both of his programs this season, apparently. Fall on the triple axel, but his triple lutz-double toe was fine and his triple flip was good. His skating skills stand in stark contrast to Razzano's. His spins were pretty good too. Gotta hand it to him for being persistent (this is his 9th Nationals), but not much stood out. 27.38 TE 29.11 PCS -1.00 = 55.49 (19th)

Andrew Gonzales: Nice triple flip-triple toe and double axel, but didn't have his timing right on the lutz and doubled it and fell. Good skating speed in general, and most of his spins were alright. 29.02 TE 26.39 PCS -1.00 = 54.41

Ross Miner: Great triple axel right off the bat! The triple lutz-double toe after that was rough though, but he came back with a good triple flip. Nice speed, spread eagles, and some interpretation today. His flying spin traveled, but the other two were alright. I thought he could have been score a little higher.  He's growing on me. 35.66 TE 32.33 PCS = 67.99 (6th)

Grant Hochstein: Triple lutz-triple toe was a bit tight, but his double axel and triple loop were good. His arm positions on the camel change camel were really nice, as were the rest of his spins and his footwork. Good skate, but not enough content to place very high. 34.37 TE 31.39 PCS = 65.76 (10th)

Sean Rabbitt: Program to Thriller and Beat It by Michael Jackson, with a white bedazzled glove to boot. Hand down on the triple lutz-triple toe but a fine triple flip afterwards. Cool transition to a double axel, which he unfortunately fell out off and then fell during some dancy choreography. Some spins slowed toward the end. Footwork was cute though. Too bad about the mistakes; he was fun to watch at least. 26.27 TE 26.15 PCS -1.00 = 51.42 (21st)

Scott Dyer: He happens to be from my state, so I immediately had to root for him. Triple lutz-triple toe was tight, followed by a pretty double axel, and then a fall on a triple loop :-/. He has some nice spin positions, but they can be slow. Nice footwork and I liked the costume. Darn. He kind of reminds me of Paul Wylie for some reason. 28.03 TE 28.75 PCS -1.00 = 55.78 (18th)

Ryan Bradley: Quad toe-triple toe was pretty good, then a great triple axel and triple flip! Color me impressed. Spins were just alright, but the footwork, while fairly simple, was fun and character driven (Well, it is Ryan Bradley after all ;) ). He really worked the crowd and tried to sell it throughout. The crowd definitely bought it, giving him a standing O. After he got off the ice he said, "One year too late, eh?". Ryan was ecstatic upon seeing the scores, screaming. Good for him! It's difficult not to root for Ryan Bradley. 43.89 TE 36.50 PCS = 80.39 (1st)

Christopher Caluza: Triple lutz-triple loop was tight at the end, but nonetheless pretty impressive. His triple flip and spiral into a double axel were good too. Crowd was clapping along to his footwork sequence, which had a neat cartwheel like move at the end. Spins were pretty good in general. He was fun to watch and while rough around the edges, there seems to be some potential there. 31.87 TE 27.41 PCS = 59.28 (15th)

Lloyd Ting: Nice hydroblade to a good double axel and he held onto the triple flip, but fell on the back end of his triple lutz-triple toe. Footwork wasn't very impressive and his spins and general skating were rather slow. 23.82 TE 21.68 PCS -1.00 = 44.50 (22nd)

Joshua Farris: Fall on the opening triple axel, but his triple lutz-triple toe was good and his triple flip was really nice. Spins were good with an interesting variation on his flying camel. Solid except for the axel. I liked him a good bit. 34.47 TE 27.44 PCS -1.00 = 60.91 (13th)

Jason Wong: Leaned forward on the first half of his triple lutz-double toe combo and fell out of his triple axel, which is a shame because it was pretty close. Spins were alright and I liked his skating skills and split jump. Simple footwork though, and while the music and overall effect was pretty, it could have been more interesting. 32.48 TE 29.72 PCS = 62.20 (12th)

Richard Dornbush: Held onto his triple lutz-triple toe and his triple axel had a scratch to it, but it was landed. Stepout on the triple flip too, unfortunately. Sit change sit was great and his spins in general were quite nice, with some good variations. Footwork was kind of good and his general skating was pretty smooth. I enjoyed him. 35.32 TE 32.39 PCS = 67.71 (7th)

Armin Mahbanoozadeh: I like the arm movements in this program. Good triple axel and triple flip-triple toe! Spins all pretty good as usual, and footwork was fine, but an unfortunate fall on his triple lutz. Darned shame. I'm really pulling for him this season. 34.42 TE 33.35 PCS -1.00 = 66.77 (8th)

Alexander Johnson:Fall on the triple axel and he had to hold the triple lutz, but his triple flip-triple toe was nice. Spins were alright to good, but he didn't have my full attention after Armin's mishap. 30.30 TE 28.00 -1.00 = 57.30 (16th)

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