Thursday, March 17, 2011

Skating Updates

Sorry about the lateness of some of this news - I've been wrapped up the the whole Worlds drama.

There was a lot of break ups for teams announced recently - Zhang & Toth, Bereswill & Young, and perhaps most surprisingly, Dube & Davison.

Florent Amodio was in Japan during the earthquake, but is now back in France, as the French federation was quite concerned over the nuclear problems.

Sarah & Drew spoke to Mirai Nagasu

Evan Lysacek won the Sullivan Award.

Faiella & Scali have officially retired.

Various articles on Worlds (semi chronological order)

Shibutani's initial thoughts

Davis & White's thoughts

Daisuke Takahashi & Mao Asada speak about the situations

Ryan Bradley's thoughts

Still no decision by the ISU & discussion of Worlds possibly being in OCTOBER

American coaches give their thoughts on the possibility of Worlds in October

ISU President Cinquata spoke to Phil Hersh (contradicting at least one earlier statement)

Translation of an article on Florent Amodio's thoughts

French Federations thoughts
Golden Skate gathered the thoughts of some skaters about Worlds & Japan.

Sarah and Drew blog also talking to skaters about the tragedy & Worlds.

The U.S., Sweden, & Russia have offered to host Worlds now also, in addition to Switzerland & Italy offering several days ago.

Worlds decision to come Friday or Monday

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