Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Skating Updates

Shawn Sawyer & Myriane Samson will not be competing at Worlds; Myraine is injured & Shawn is choosing to skate in Canadian Stars on Ice instead. They will be replaced by Kevin Reynolds and Amelie Lacoste

Russia will expedite the visa process for Worlds.

Hungarian ice dancer Nora Hoffman is undergoing treatment for an illness.

Melissa Gregory & Denis Petukhov are holding a skating show.

Alexe Gilles has left Tom Z for Yuka Sato & Jason Dungjen

A recent article on Rachael Flatt.

A recent article on Alissa Czisny.

Sinead Kerr & John Kerr have withdrawn from Worlds - she is having shoulder surgery today.

Sarah & Drew's latest blog - it contains a little more info on the Kerrs' withdrawal and more about the Skaters Care show.

Alissa Czisny's coach Jason Dungjen will be going to Worlds.

UPDATED: Sinead Kerr & John Kerr have announced their retirement from competition. I wish them all the best in future endeavors and a swift recovery for Sinead.

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