Monday, March 21, 2011

Skating Updates

Well, the ISU President has now stated the obvious -  Worlds will not be held in Japan (The Japan Skating Federation handed it back over, acknowledging they can't hold it at this time), which thankfully means no Worlds in October. World Team Trophy will now be moved to April of 2012, dates to be determined ( not that anyone really cares about that event at this point). The ISU is officially taking bids for new locations for Worlds on Tuesday, deciding Wednesday or Thursday, and announcing their decision on Friday.

Here's more of the latest on Worlds & skaters.

Worlds trying to find new site

More info from Phil Hersh

Hersh Spoke to the ISU President again

Universal sports theorizes on whether Yu-Na Kim will compete at a rescheduled Worlds

Denver Post article on U.S. Worlds Bids

Another Hersh article

If more articles come today, I'll likely edit them in, so be sure to check back for the latest!

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