Tuesday, October 26, 2010

NHK Trophy - Men's Short

Overall, from what I've seen ( and read, since my internet decided to die as the men's short program was just getting underway.), the men had an excellent competition at NHK. Because of my internet problems, I wasn't able to watch it live, and by the time I had the time and internet access to watch it on demand on Universal Sports, only the version with the men's short and the free dance with commentary was available. That'd be alright normally, but this version doesn't have all the skaters unfortunately, so I gave up and went for youtube, but I still couldn't find all of the skaters, so I'm just going to recap what I can. That being said, let's get started!

Ross Miner (United States): Handdown on the triple axel, but his triple lutz-triple toe and his triple flip were alright. Boring footwork and overall, nothing about his skating really stood out to me. 34.88 TE 29.97 PCS = 64.85 Total

Jialiang Wu (China): Triple lutz-triple toe was pretty good. Very nice triple axel, albeit a bit too close to the boards for comfort. Great triple loop. His spins were on the slow side though. Nice skate overall. Might be more of a contender with a little more polish. 35.48 TE 28.58 PCS =64.06 Total

Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan): The 2010 World Junior Champion opened with a lovely triple axel. He had to hang onto his triple lutz but he avoided putting his hand down and pulled off a nice triple toe on the end of it. I thought his triple flip was good, but they gave Yuzuru on edge call on it (although rewatching it on the slow motion a couple of times, I still am pretty sure it was on the correct edge.). Footwork and spins were fine, the latter exhibiting his flexibility. 37.85 TE 31.46 PCS  = 69.31 Total

Florent Amodio (France): Triple axel was great, and his spins and footwork were alright.  His triple flip was also good, but his triple lutz-triple toe was beautiful. Pretty darn good performance, and Florent seemed thrilled with it. 37.18 TE 32.83 PCS = 70.01 Total

Shawn Sawyer (Canada): Triple axel had a stepout, but his triple flip-triple toe was fine, and the triple lutz seemed to be as well, though I thought it might have had a bit of a two-foot. His flexibility in that unique spread eagle of his, as well as his final spin is insane. 36.58 TE 33.57 PCS = 70.15

 Jeremy Abbott (United States): Triple flip-triple toe was very nice, and his triple axel was as well. Triple lutz was fine too. Most of the spins were nice enough, but one received no credit. It was a good skate, but the arm movements were quite excessive. 36.27 TE 38.35 PCS = 74.62 Total

 Daisuke Takahashi (Japan): Opening triple flip-triple toe was good, but handdown on the triple axel. Nice speed on his layback spin. Nice speed into his excellent triple lutz, and his footwork was well done, as well as very fun. I really love Daisuke's interpretation of the music, and he seemed like he was enjoying himself. All in all, a very nice debut for his new short. 36.83 TE 41.21 PCS = 78.04 Total

ISU Results Page for the Men's Short

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