Friday, October 22, 2010

NHK Trophy - Short Dance

*Disclaimer: I am not, nor do I claim to be an expert on ice dancing. It is by far the discipline that I am least knowledgeable about. That said... here are my thoughts on the first ever short dance in Senior Grand Prix history! =)

 Turoczi / Major (Hungary): I thought they were skating a bit slowly and were very cautious. Twizzles ended up getting messy and the unison in the footwork wasn't very good. 15.81 TE 16.87 PC = 32.68 Total

Yu/Wang (China): Nice flow across the ice. Their twizzles were pretty good, albeit with slightly off unison. I really enjoyed their program. Hopefully they will continue to improve over time.  22.85 TE 20.65 PC = 43.50 Total

Coomes/Buckland (Great Britain): Good speed and I really liked their opening lift.  They seem to have an ease about them that makes them pleasant to watch. Twizzles were alright.  22.36 TE 21.16 PC = 43.52 Total

 Reed/Reed (Japan): Chris has a weird mustache... guess it is part of the costume. Cool opening lift, but they  skated a little slowly. Big problems on the twizzles. They had the best footwork so far though, I thought. 21.86 TE 23.04 PC = 44.90 Total

Ilinkykk/Katsatpov ( Russia): Very nice twizzles. I really didn't like the music. The lift in the middle of the program was great and they had nice footwork. 29.79 TE 27.10 PC = 56.89 Total

Mysliveckova/Novak (Czech Republic): The first half was really folk style, not necessarily my favorite thing.  Good footwork,  bad unison on their twizzles though. 22.07 TE 23.13 PC = 45.20 Total

Shibutani/Shibutani (United States): Maia's extension is lovely! Really nice twizzles, especially the last set. Best footwork so far, but then a random fall (apparently Alex got caught in Maia's dress) and a small shred of her dress was hanging on by a thread. Beautiful lifts. They were lovely, but for the fall. Hopefully they can make up ground for a medal still. 28.57 TE 26.11 PC - 1.00 Deductions = Total 53.68

 Weaver/Poje (Canada): Really can't stand At Last... anyway... smooth skating and the ending lift was nice, but overall they bored me. :-/  31.15 TE 27.54 PC = 58.69 Total

Cappellini/Lanotte (Italy): Again, not loving the song. Bah. Footwork was fine, and the twizzles had a little bit of unison issues, but weren't bad overall.  Her skirt is kind of distracting though, especially during the twizzles. 27.57 TE 28.11 PC = 55.68 Total

Davis/White (United States): AMAZING twizzles, and the lifts were good. They really seemed like they were enjoying themselves out there, which is awesome to see. Overall, they were definitely as good as they are hyped up to be. 32.28 TE 34.69 PC = 66.97 Total

ISU results page for the Short Dance

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